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Guidelines for preparing abstracts

1 A4 page only

2.5 cm or 1 inch margins

Font type = Arial

Headings should be bold and 14 point and CAPITAL letters

Text Font size = 11 point

Authors 11 point font. Put surname first followed by initials. Please underline the presenting author.

Please give full addresses of all authors (without titles) after the heading. Please indicate the name of the corresponding author by an asterisk*.

The Email of the corresponding author should be included below the addresses.

URLs of all databases referenced should be included.

Diagrams and tables may be included but this is part of your one page limit.

Nomenclature for mutations must follow HGVS guidelines.

Nomenclature for genes must follow HUGO guidelines.

If you prefer a poster presentation please indicate this in your registration form.



Please save your abstract using your surname and first name initial and then the meeting name i.e. slc = Salt Lake City

e.g. John Smith's abstract would be "smithJslc.doc "

e-mail your submission as an Word attachment here

Make sure you indicate which meeting the abstract is for "slc" as a number of meetings are handled by the recipient. Also, please include a small note in the email indicating which meeting the abstract is for (e.g., "I wish to submit this abstract for the Salt Lake City HGVS meeting"), cryptic messages or abstracts emailed with no note attached are unacceptable as they look like virus attachments and will not be opened.

If you have any problems let us know.

Please ensure you receive an acknowledgement after you have sent your abstract so you are sure it has been received.






1. All presentations will be allocated a time limit in their acceptance email. This will range from 20 min to half an hour, including 5 minutes of question time. Anyone going overtime will be CUT SHORT so please keep to the time limit.

2. Only PowerPoint presentations are available, there will be NO slide or overhead projector available.

3. Acceptable formats for presentations are CD or USB memory stick. Speakers ARE NOT to expect to use their own laptop as this wastes a lot of time. If you are using MAC then please contact me.

4. You MUST either submit your presentation via EMAIL to me by 20th October (& bring a copy) OR DELIVER your presentation between 7:30 - 8:10 AM to me at the registration desk on the day of the meeting. Do not email after 20th October as I will be travelling. If you choose to give it in person, a CD labeled with your surname is probably best because you can just leave it on the desk and it will get loaded onto the computer.

PLEASE don't come before 7.30 AM as we will not be ready to receive you.



1. Maximum poster dimensions are no larger than 90 cm wide 110 cm long. Please stick to this size limit or else your poster will be covered by your neighbour! (ASHG poster dimensions are ok)

2. All poster presenters will be required to speak for no more than five minutes in the session titled "poster talks". This is supposed to be a very brief summary of what your poster is about to entice people to come and view it in the poster session. No slides are permitted. Two questions may be asked by the audience. The Chairperson has been instructed to cut anyone going overtime short so please, only a minimum of information about your poster is required in the talk. If you prepare slides THEY WILL NOT BE SHOWN!

3. Posters should be mounted at the time of registration between 8.00 AM 8.30 AM.

PLEASE don't come before 7.45 AM



Abstract Submission is CLOSED

Abstract submission deadline

October 13






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