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There are two classes of abstracts- those for the pharmacogenetics section of the meeting and those for the general variation section of the meeting.

Instructions for preparing Pharmacogenetics abstracts

An expanded abstract of approximately 500-1000 words is required for persons wishing to make a submission to the pharmacogenetics portion of the meeting. The abstract should contain the following:

1) A brief introduction
2) A brief description of the experimental and other data
3) A discussion and conclusion that comments on the significance of the data presented and its importance of its findings etc.
4) A brief bibliography
5) In addition to the above abstract formatting style must follow the instructions below

Themes and Topics for Consideration in the focus section on pharmacogenetics

The following broad themes for the symposium and the individual topics or questions falling under them should be regarded as guidelines for the kinds of issues the symposium organizers wish to see addressed in papers submitted for consideration. 

This is not an exhaustive list. 

Role of Locus Specific Genetic Databases: What role can locus specific databases play in determining the possible efficacy of specific pharmaceuticals on different populations?
The role of Human Genome variation and acquired drug resistance: How can an understanding of human genome variation help to understand acquired drug resistance?
Role of Human Genome variation in drug design: How can human genome variation play a role in designing individual specific drugs?
Pharmacogenetic Database Design: Describe the design and construction of a pharmacogenetic database and how it may be differ from normal genetic database.
Ethnicity, Genetic Variation and Pharmacogenomics:  With the promise of producing drugs that account for the extremely miniscule differences in the genetic codes of different population groups and thus more effectively target genetic-based diseases -- offers great hope. What are likely to be  challenges that face different categories of genetic research within the prevailing social, cultural, legal and political contexts.

Instructions for preparing general variation abstracts

The abstract should be of standard format and no more than 350 words in length. Abstract formatting style must follow the instructions below

Instructions for formatting abstracts for submission

2.5 cm margins

Font type = Arial

Headings should be bold and 14 point and CAPITAL letters

Text Font size = 11 point

Authors 11 point font. Put surname first followed by initials. Please underline the presenting author.

Pharmacogenetics abstracts 500-1000 words and instuctions above.

General variation abstracts not more than 350 words.

Please give full addresses of all authors (without titles) after the heading. Please indicate the name of the corresponding author by an asterisk*.

The Email of the corresponding author should be included below the addresses.

URLs of all databases referenced should be included.

Diagrams and tables may be included but this is part of your word limit.

Nomenclature for mutations must follow HGVS guidelines.

Nomenclature for genes must follow HUGO guidelines.


Please save your abstract using THE PRESENTERS surname and first name initial.

e.g. John Smith's abstract would be "smithJ.doc "

e-mail your submission as an Word attachment to rania@gdrc.hfi.unimelb.edu.au

A submission may be made electronically only You MUST indicate if you are submitting the abstract to the pharmacogenetics or the general variation portion of the meeting.

Please include a small cover note in the email indicating which meeting the abstract is for (e.g., "I wish to submit this abstract for the Montreal HGVS meeting"), cryptic messages or abstracts emailed with no note attached are unacceptable as they look like virus attachments and will not be opened.

If you have any problems let us know.

Please ensure you receive an acknowledgement after you have sent your abstract so you are sure it has been received.




1. All presentations will be allocated a time limit including question time. Anyone going overtime will be CUT SHORT so please keep to the time limit.

2. Only PowerPoint presentations are available, there will be NO slide or overhead projector available.

3. Acceptable formats for presentations are CD or USB memory stick. Speakers ARE NOT to expect to use their own laptop as this wastes a lot of time.

4. You MUST either submit your presentation via EMAIL to me by 25th May 2007 (& bring a copy) OR DELIVER your presentation between 8:00 - 8:30 AM to me at the registration desk on the day of the meeting. If you choose to give it in person, a CD labeled with your surname is probably best because you can just leave it on the desk and it will get loaded onto the computer.




Abstract submission deadline 15th March 2007




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