Scientific & Annual General Meeting

23rd October 2007

"New DNA Sequencing Technologies"

& Human Genome Variation

San Diego, CA, USA

(a satellite event to ASHG 2007)



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The HGVS organises two one day meetings per year as a forum for scientists to exchange ideas and form collaborations. The meetings are designed to update and increase knowledge of human genome variation and generally attract a stimulating and interesting collection of abstracts in all fields of human genome variation making it an ideal forum to share information and results.

New DNA Sequencing Technologies

On the road to the € 1,000 human genome sequence, DNA sequencing technology is currently developing at an incredible speed. Although we are still far from the ultimate goal, DNA sequencing cost has already dropped close to the range of € 1,000 per 1 million nucleotides. These developments have tremendous consequences for the number of DNA variants that we will discover, both pathogenic and harmless. To get an up-to-date overview of the technologies behind this revolution, the HGVS has selected DNA sequencing technologies as this year's special topic for its annual meeting. Speakers from the major players in the field have been invited to explain in detail the different technologies, their strong and weak points and to show some first innovative applications and results using the new sequencing power.

HGVS will be joining the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) in San Diego, CA, USA as a satellite meeting. We hope all members are able to attend, non-members are welcome.


The Human Genome Variation Society invites submissions of abstracts for the Symposium on New DNA Sequencing Technologies.  There will be two classes of abstracts, those for New DNA Sequencing Technologies and those on general human genome variation. You are welcome to attend the meeting without submitting an abstract. Only those registering are able to submit abstracts.

Abstract submittal deadline extended to 31st

Previous meeting reports are available here.


Tuesday 23rd October 2007
8:30AM to 8:00 PM (Registration is from 8:00 am)

Ballroom 29
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, U.S.A.

Invited speakers

* Michael D. Rhodes (Applied Biosystems)

Use of SOLiDtm system in variation studies

* David R. Bentley (Illumina/Solexa)

Solexa sequencing technology

Others TBA


Fee includes administrative costs, coffee breaks, lunch and mixer.

HGVS member: US $89
Non-HGVS member: US $135
All students: US $89

All costs in United States dollars (US).

Register here.


All interested companies please contact R. Horaitis.



Key Dates

31st August Abstract submittal deadline has been extended
7th September Abstract notification date
23 October HGVS Scientific & AGM
Scientific Committee

Johan T. den Dunnen, Chair (Leiden)
Christophe Beroud (Montpellier)
Alastair Brown (Edinburgh)
Richard Cotton (Melbourne)
Conover Talbot Jr. (Baltimore)

Meeting Secretariat

Rania Horaitis (Melbourne)



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