The ESHG Meeting Topic Will Be:

Copy Number Variation - Data Colllection and Analysis

see detail as they develop in the link to the right


The Society aims to foster discovery and characterization of genomic variations including population distribution and phenotypic associations. Promote collection, documentation and free distribution of genomic variation information and associated clinical variations. Endeavor to foster the development of the necessary methodology and informatics.

The Society is an Affiliate of the International Federation of Human Genetics Societies (IFHGS) and also the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO).

Human Mutation is the Society journal. Members will receive a reduced subscription to the journal if they choose to subscribe.

The Society generally runs two scientific meetings per year as satellites of the American or European Societies of Human Genetics annual meetings. The next meeting is in planning be held in June 2019, in Gothenburg Sweden, as a satellite of the ESHG (please follow links at right).

Members of the Society have published a number of papers in relation to human genome variation and in particular mutation databases. The Society maintains a substantial collection of links to mutation databases and has made recommendations for nomenclature of variations, and content of mutation databases. To join the Society and more information such as Board of Directors, Bylaws, Membership etc. click here.

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