Future Conferences

The Next HGVS Meeting


American Society of Human Genetics

  • 2020 Oct. 27~31  -  San Diego, CA
  • 2021 Oct. 19~23  -  Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2022 Oct.  25-29  -  Los Angelese, CA 


Human Genome Organization


European Society of Human Genetics


Associate Meetings

  • 2020 Sep. 28~Oct.1  - 5th Variant Effect Prediction Training Course, Barcelona, Spain 
  • 2020 May. 25~27 - 15th International Symposium on Variants in the Genome:detection, genome sequencing & interpretation, Piran,Slovenia 


The Society was founded in San Diego 2001 at the Annual General Meeting of the HUGO Mutation Database Initiative.


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